The Department of Agriculture enters into an agreement with the Municipalities of Hermosa and Dinalupihan, and the Bataan Peninsula State University for the joint implementation of the “Analysis of the Food Demand and Supply Structure in the Municipalities of Hermosa and Dinalupihan, Province of Bataan”, otherwise known as the “Zero Kilometer Food Project” (0KM).

The Project aims to develop the food demand and supply structure of Hermosa and Dinalupihan, Bataan, towards the end goal of sustainable and stable local food production and consumption of locally-produced high-value crops and other agricultural commodities.

The 0KM Food Project shall dwell on the supply and demand of top high-value crops and other commodities, i.e., livestock, poultry, and marine products at the local level. It shall likewise determine the historical commodity production data in the municipality for the past five (5) years up to the present and the supply source, identify the supply problems, and formulate proposed solutions and interventions based on current supply and demand data.