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Under this component, the Program produces and procures high quality and high yielding varieties of high value crops, planting materials and seeds to be distributed to target beneficiaries. Distribution of seeds and planting materials to farmers aims to increase farm productivity and augment farmer’s income. The use of hybrid/high yielding varieties also increases the yield through adoption of good agricultural practices (GAP) and proper cultural and farm management.

The crops included in the distribution of planting materials are based on the proposals submitted by the DA RFOs based on the request of FCAs, LGUs and NGOs. These crops include regional/provincial priority crops. Some of these are major fruits like mango, banana, pineapple, durian, and other industrial crops like coffee, cacao and rubber and emerging commodities such as dragonfruit, vanilla and ornamentals.

Farm input, production equipment and machineries; and establishment, rehabilitation and maintenance of production facilities in DA Research Stations and BPI Centers such as greenhouses, nurseries, and rain shelters, among others, are likewise part of the interventions provided by HVCDP under the Production Support Services