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The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) is one of the staff bureaus of the Department of Agriculture which was established to lead and coordinate the national agriculture and fisheries research and development (R&D) in the country. It is committed to consolidate, strengthen, and develop the agriculture and fisheries R&D system for the purpose of improving its effectiveness and efficiency by ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous improvement through work excellence, teamwork and networking, accountability and innovation.

DA-BAR, by virtue of its mandate, institutionalized its grant system anchored and contributory to the thrusts of the DA. An overview of appropriate allocation of R4D funds through HVCDP is provided for programs and projects on Applied Research and Technology commercialization. The grant system is directed towards addressing; national and sectoral/commodity concerns; specific R4D needs of the regions and designed to transform agriculture from a resource-based to a technology-based industry; urgent problems and/or special RDE activities not lined up under the various medium-term R4D programs; and developing and transferring agricultural technologies which are market- oriented and user-driven to support agri-business and agri-industry development.